Lactisil Range

The Lactisil Range is the original product range that we introduced to the UK in 2009. An excellent comprehensive range of silage additives that were designed specially around crop and weather specific applications.

With the Lacitsil range the principle is that each crop and each climatic variation can produce a completely different forage to be ensiled, which will have contrasting risks and problems. Therefore the approach should be different in each case; in this range you will see a range of bacteria strains used in varying combinations which have been tailor made to suit each circumstance.

We have access to a very wide base of EU registered bacteria strains and have chosen the most suitable strains that Chr. Hansen have to offer to create a product that will help you get the most from your forage. The combinations and levels of bacteria strains that are found in Chr Hansen branded products are optimal, to ensure a harmonious and effective mode of action. We also include a powerful Xylanase enzyme in a number of our products, which not only helps to release unavailable sugars to fuel the fermentation, but also exposes more digestible fibres for digestion, therefore improving feed value.

Product information on each product is available as a pdf download under each product description below...

Lactisil Grass Plus
Premium grass silage inoculant for the most challenging wet conditions (20-35% DM)
Includes enzyme pack

Lactisil Grass Dry
Premium grass silage inoculant for higher dry matter conditions (30-50% DM)
Includes enzyme pack

Lactisil Grass
Standard grass inoculant for medium wilted grass silages up to 30% DM


 Lactisil Haylage
Specialist inoculant designed especially for ensiling haylage between 40-65% DM


 Lactisil Wholecrop
Inoculant which has been specifically designed to treat wholecrop cereals between 30-50% DM
Includes enzyme pack

Lactisil Procrop
Technically formulated for spring sown legumes and bi-crop wholecrops ensiled between 20-40% DM
Includes enzyme pack

 Lactisil Maize
Biological inoculant for forage maize ensiled between 25-35% DM

Lactisil Crimp
Specialist biological crimping inoculant giving long term preservation and stability to moist crimped cereals and pulses between 60-70% DM