SiloSolveĀ® Range

Our LATEST TECHNOLOGY in the NEW SiloSolve® Range...

Unique strains. Unique potency...

Silage inoculants are identified at three levels: Genus, species and strain. Studies confirm that the strain, rather than the species, has the strongest impact on silage inoculant functionality and its ability to improve silage quality. 

Chr. Hansen uses precision robot technology to selectively identify the most potent bacterial strains for silage additives.

Introducing SiloSolve®...

SiloSolve® is the latest concept from Chr. Hansen, and its worldwide rollout has received an excellent reception. Chr. Hansen’s global reputation for innovation and technology is well demonstrated in their latest range of products.

With new developed, strains of bacteria with patented modes of action, SiloSolve® is a completely new approach to silage making and is already well-proven to improve feed quality and secure a return-on-investment for farmers. The SiloSolve® products have been specifically designed to stabilise, protect, and ferment silage.

SiloSolve® AS, FC, EF & MC can enhance the preservation of both high and low dry matter crops, control undesirable microorganisms, and improve overall animal performance. SiloSolve® has been developed for functionality to meet the varying conditions of modern forage preservation.

Product information on each product is available as a pdf download under each product description below...

SiloSolve® FC

"The jewel in the crown" - This is the newest product in the range, with which we have seen some of the most profound results in terms of stability in the most adverse conditions. Featuring the new, patented strain, Lactococcus lactis 0-224, which rapidly removes oxygen from the clamp in the early stages of fermentation, allowing an extremely fast stabilisation of the silage. This works synergistically with Lactobacillus buchneri to give an enhanced long term stability, reduced heating and inhibition of yeasts and moulds.

SiloSolve® AS200

An excellent all-rounder which has been designed to deliver enhanced aerobic stability during feedout, improved fermentation and reduce yeast and mould. SiloSolve® AS200 contains a combination of fast growing and competitive lactic acid bacteria, which results in an improved fermentation and the ability to inhibit yeast and mould growth resulting in improved aerobic stability at feed out.
SiloSolve® AS200  is ideal for use with crops containing high sugar, low protein and high dry matter.

SiloSolve® MC

Offering protection against clostridia, while improving fermentation. This product is well suited to low dry matter, when the risk of clostridial fermentation is high.  SiloSolve® MC incorporates three strains of lactic acid bacteria: Lactobacillus plantarum & Enterococcus faecium for improving overall fermentation characteristics and the new, patented Lactococcus lactis SR3.54, which reduces undesirable microorganisms such as clostridia. 

 SiloSolve® EF

Challenging crops such as lucerne, clover and peas can present more difficult ensiling conditions. These crops are often high in protein, low in Dry Matter (DM) and low in available sugars. Under such conditions special treatment is needed to get the best fermentation.
SiloSolve® EF has been especially designed to help boost the fermentation and overcome the buffering capacity of such crops at minimum loss, resulting in improved quality and better performance - In addition to the three bacteria strains found in SiloSolve® MC, SiloSolve® EF also contains the enzyme Xylanase. This enzyme is added to help release unavailable sugars to fuel the fermentation and to expose more digestible fibres for digestion,therefore, improving feed value. The result is better smelling, more palatable and higher quality silage.